Mossberg and Swisher launch new venture Re/code

This morning Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, formerly of WSJs AllThingsD, launched their new, independent venture in tech news: Re/

In their first post on the site, Mossberg and Kara give some explanation behind the team and name, “Re/code, a new tech and media news, reviews and analysis site launching today, with the same talented team we’ve worked with for many years at the former All Things Digital site we ran for Dow Jones & Co beginning in 2007…Why have we chosen Re/code as the name for our new creation? Simply put: Because everything in tech and media is constantly being refreshed, renewed and reimagined. And this is the reinvention of ourselves.”

Mossberg and Swisher announced late last year that they would not continue working with Dow Jones in 2014, but assured their audience that December 31 would not be the end of their tech news days. Sure enough, they tweeted their first “hello” from the new indie handle early this year:

Mossberg and Swisher are also well known for their AllThingsD conferences, and they have wasted no time getting a conference setup under their new red flag: “We are also immediately opening registration for our new premier executive tech conference, the Code Conference, to be held May 27 to 29, near Los Angeles. Like the site, the conference will be run by the same team that produced our former conferences under the D banner since 2003.”

So it seems that the exponential growth tech is not limited to just gizmos, gadgets, or lines of code. It’s not easy starting a new website, but Mossberg and Swisher have the connections and pre-existing reputation to give Re/code a fantastic start, and it will be exciting to see what sort of editorial and content they are able to produce, and whether a new edge will come with the site’s independence.


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