A new destination for Adtech Times

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the new destination for Adtech Times!


Below is my welcome note that you can find here on the new website. Moving forward, all stories will be posted to the website, not this blog. I am looking forward to interacting with any and all adtechies!

Welcome to Adtech Times: A note from the Editor

Adtech Times is meant to be a destination for what I call the “adtechie.” Its mission will be to offer reporting, analysis, thoughts, and theories on advertising in the digital age. Visitors will find short and long-form editorial, product and company profiles, breaking news coverage, and opinions from industry insiders and the community alike. In sum, it’s a forum for adtechie’s to geek out.

Adtech has recently become one of the more exciting sectors of business. The last decade has seen a “Moorian” display of tech evolution, much of which has revolved around, and some cases depended on advertising. As more aspects of our lives become digitized and more data is produced, new opportunities are popping up for ad companies at an exponential rate.

Why create this site?

I entered the digital advertising world a little bit by surprise. After coming to a conclusion that law school was not something I had an interest in pursuing (a hard realization at the time), there was a brief period where the next step in my life was for the first time not predetermined (high school, college, paralegal, law school…wait…) and I joined the ranks of not knowing where to put my professional efforts. The only thing I really knew was that I was into tech (from a headline and news-bite perspective) and that I wanted to be a little more “creative.”

A friend had heard my dilemma and suggested I take a look at digital advertising. At the time, I had little to no concept of digital media beyond my go-to .coms and social media networks. To help me, my friend sent me an article from AdAge Digital which weighed the significance of a “click” on Facebook. Most of the article was the equivalent to Sanskrit for me: click-through rate, CPM, targeted vs. non-targeted, promoted posts, etc. While I was an avid user of Facebook, it was apparent that I had been experiencing only the tip of the iceberg.

From there I was hooked. I spent my mornings, evenings, and even lunches at the law firm reading about the digital world and how creative people were monetizing the web with incredible experiences and innovative platforms. In 2012 I finally made the plunge and landed a job working as an assistant digital planner at an agency where my lunches could finally be considered “work.”

Fast forward two years. With an unyielding interest in adtech, I wanted to find a way to take part in the conversation and interact with like-minded individuals. Adtech Times started as a blog, but I soon realized I wanted a little more than just a digital stream of consciousness; I wanted to create a welcoming forum that fostered conversation and, hopefully, collaboration of ideas and opinions around adtech.

And so our journey begins. I am the only person working on this site at the moment, so please note that while content may be slow at first, it will be steady. If you’ve made it this far down the page and like what you hear, I am excited to take this journey with you. I encourage you to explore, read, comment, and enjoy!


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